Camp Fire Fort Worth

817-831-2111 * 1-888-312-4448
Mon-Fri 9AM - 5PM

Child Care Checklist
  • Is warm, friendly, positive, and accepting
  • Listens and talks with children, gives individual attention
  • Makes eye contact and is on the floor playing & talking with children
  • Uses positive words when speaking with children
  • Provides places to play actively and quietly including a quiet place to read & relax
  • Provides the opportunity to play outside in a safe, age-appropriate area
  • Supplies a wide assortment of age-appropriate toys to encourage interactive, hands-on learning, such as building blocks, props for dramatic play, books, art materials, pegboards and puzzles
  • Provides learning activities about different cultures
  • Encourages curiosity and questioning
Staff/Parent Relationship:
  • Provides daily feedback about each child’s day
  • Encourages parent involvement and input
  • Makes families feel welcome
  • Schedules time to discuss each child’s progress periodically
  • Addresses needs and concerns of families promptly
  • Offers an open-door policy, parents are encouraged to visit
  • Provides written policies, such as a parent handbook
  • Staffing is consistent & staff turnover is low
  • Staff has education, experience & receives on-going training in child development
  • Group size & child to teacher ratio allows for individual attention
  • Is safe, cheerful, comfortable, neat & clean
  • Is large enough for all children to move freely and safely
  • Provide well balanced nutrition
  • Serve as a time to develop good eating habits and social skills as caregivers sit and interact with children
  • Babies are held during bottle feeding
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