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Tuition and Fees

Choosing a child care center is no easy task. There are a number of variables to consider. One of the main criteria parents and families must determine is budget. Our center is providing these tuition ranges as a guide for parents to make an informed decision. In many instances Camp Fire can work with parents on tuition costs, so be sure to call and speak with someone before making a determination solely based on cost.

What Is Included

  • Two meals, breakfast and lunch
  • Daily afternoon snack
  • Lower child-to-teacher ratio than is mandated by the state.
  • Smaller class sizes overall for increased individual attention from teachers
  • Secure, PIN access doors for children’s safety

There is much more to consider than the cost of care. This free Quality Child Care Checklist supports families in their journey to find the quality child care solutions.

Age Ranges Weekly Tuition*
6 weeks – 15 months


12 months – 28 months


21 months – 36 months


3 years - 4 years




Annual registration fee:


Camp Fire Child Development Center advances children based on a variety of milestones. Advancement is not based solely on age. The early childhood professionals at our center assess age, development, child readiness as well as family need when making the decision to advance or place a child in a class.

*These are estimate age ranges and weekly tuition costs. Upon taking a tour and completing an intake assessment with a teacher, the CDC can more accurately provide you with tuition costs. Scholarships and tuition assistance are available based on family need, multiple child enrollment and corporate/business affiliations.

Call today to begin the process with a guided tour: 817-831-5050.

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