Camp Fire Fort Worth

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Enrichment Classes

Offering children a varied schedule and diverse learning opportunities is important, but the scheduling of additional extracurricular activities becomes a challenge for families of working parents.

Camp Fire supports families and children by offering on-site enrichment classes that change with the season and needs of families in our center. These activities can include dance, Stretch-n-Grow, gymnastics, soccer, baseball, cheerleading, yoga, language classes and more!

Our current list of enrichment classes are:

Stretch-n-Grow $26/month
Meet one time a week for 30 minutes each session
(available for ages 2 and up)

Ballet/Dance $35/ month
Meet two times a week for 30 minutes each session
(available for ages 2 and up)

Seasonal Sports
To be annouced

We also schedule interactive learning, off-site field trips for older children and schedule fun, on-site experiences to introduce music, theatre and nature for children of all ages to enjoy.

On-site photography sessions twice a year allow you to capture your little ones at key milestones.



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