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Meet the Director

Diane Phillips, Director
Diane Phillips has been an Outdoor Program Director at Camp Fire for more than eight years. In her tenure she has directed Camptivity Day Camp, the outdoor education program and the challenge course at Camp El Tesoro.

Diane is most widely recognized for her role as Director of Camptivity. In 2003 she took over this responsibility at the original Camptivity site at Lockheed Martin Recreation Area and re-vamped the program to include the activity rotation model and added the Youth Adventure and Counselor Assistant programs. In the summer of 2010 she led the expansion of Camptivity to a second location in Azle, Texas, now known as Camptivity Lyle Lodge.

While Camptivity director is one of her most visible roles to those in the community, she has also been the driving force behind the challenge course addition at Camp El Tesoro. Diane designed the challenge course, which includes a climbing wall, zip line and other low and high elements. She is also the director of the challenge course which involves group scheduling, planning events, directing the on-site activities and facilitates the debriefing process.

Diane has been affiliated with the American Camp Association (ACA) for more than eight years. She has been a certified Challenge Course Facilitator for almost 25 years, previously using challenge course programs to support rehabilitation and therapy functions in hospitals and medical centers as well as school groups including bands, student councils, sports teams and faculty team building.

Diane has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in business administration from Sam Houston State University. She currently serves on the Texas Experiential Ropes Association (TERA) board and has served on the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) international conference committee. She is also a member of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT).

Moving into the future Diane has a number of upcoming projects that capitalize on her skills in designing and developing programs and program improvement.

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