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Camptivity Day Camp - Activities & Schedule

Along with some serious fun, camp activities are designed to promote teamwork and build a variety of skills. Age appropriate activities aid campers in gaining self-confidence while participating in a variety of fun-filled activities.

Campers entering 2nd grade and up choose their activities daily, while Kindergarten and 1st graders stay with their groups for a sample of activities.

Campers use many of the facilities at LMRA including the indoor gymnasiums, outdoor volleyball and basketball courts, miniature golf course, playground, swimming pool and other outdoor areas. Two indoor meeting sites are used for lunchtime, creative arts and rainy day activities. Activities at Camptivity include:


Daily Swimming Archery
Team Sports Fishing
Creative Arts Scavenger Hunts
Leadership Skills Fitness
Cookouts Team Building
Miniature Golf Weekly Field Trips
Outdoor Living Skills  


Fast Track Challenges

What is a Fast Track Challenge?
Each week a select set of activities will be available for campers to choose to “specialize” in. This means they’ll concentrate three-hours each day on skill development of that activity. Campers will choose a fast track challenge when they break out into small groups each Monday.

Fast Track Challenges are completely optional, are at no additional cost and they do not take away from other campers’ chance to participate in the same activities as a regular, daily activity option. See the weekly schedule.

Sample Schedule
Below is a sample of two Fast Track Challenges and the skills they could focus on to advance a camper’s competency in the activity area.


  • The safety of the archery range and equipment
  • The parts of the bow and arrow
  • To be able to string several sizes of bows
  • To understand the importance of their stance
  • To nock the arrow correctly
  • To set their string fingers and bow hand
  • To pre draw and draw the arrow appropriately
  • How to aim with the correct eye and string alignment
  • To release the string and follow through correctly
  • How to properly pull the arrows out of the target
  • To keep score and play different archery games

Outdoor Living Skills

Planning & On Your Way

  • Minimum Impact Camping
  • Risk Management and safety while hiking or overnight trip
  • Importance of food and water while hiking or overnight trip
  • Learn how to use the different types of shelter, clothing and equipment

Putting It on Your Plate & Tools and Ties

  • Plan your menu
  • Choose a heat source for cooking and understand the appropriate methods for extinguishing a fire
  • Demonstrate the proper use of camping tools while preparing and cooking one meal
  • Clean up the cooking preparation and eating area
  • Learn the basics of knot tying and the uses of the different knots

Finding Your Way Using Maps and Compasses

  • Learn how to read different types of maps
  • Understand pacing and why it is important
  • Learn the parts of the compass and what prevents it from working properly
  • Demonstrate how to take a bearing and how to find a bearing
  • Design a compass course for others to follow
  • Follow a compass course another group has set
Typical Daily Schedule

 6:30  Early morning activities
 8:00  Grade group meetings and flag ceremony
 8:45  1st Activity
 10:00  2nd Activity & Snack
 11:15  3rd Activity
 12:30  Lunch
 1:00  Grade group activity
 2:00  Swimming
 4:00  Afternoon indoor activity
 4:30  Snack
 5:00  Afternoon outdoor activity

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