Camp Fire Fort Worth

Child Care Providers

Camp Fire is actively recruiting child care programs to be a part of this network! The benefits to you as a child care provider are:

  • Referrals and marketing of your program
  • Scholarships for professional development training
  • Equipment and supplies for your program
  • Increased professionalism as you become a member of the child care network
  • One-on-one mentoring and professional development planning to continually increase the level of quality in your program

Child care providers must qualify to join this network. Initial qualifications include:

  • Being a regulated child care provider for least 1 year
  • Compliance with state Child Care Licensing, and currently on a monitoring schedule of 12 months or longer
  • Participate in, and achieve a qualifying score on, a program assessment conducted by a Camp Fire Child Development Specialist
  • Be willing to provide flexible child care options, including priority enrollment

Child care providers must submit an application if they would like to take part in this program. Applicants will be contacted to schedule a visit to discuss the components and incentives of the Child Care Network program in greater detail. A limited number of child care programs will be selected to participate, and applications will be reviewed in the order they are received.

If you would like to request an application or if you have any questions about this exciting initiative, please contact Debra Hanus at Camp Fire USA, 817-831-2111, ext. 145 or


The ERS is a tool to help assess how well a child care provider meets these needs. Child care programs score on how well, or how often, certain things occur. For example, evaluators will: 

  • Determine if good health practices, such as hand washing, are followed when children are diapered or eating
  • Watch how the caregivers interact with the children and whether they respond to the children's needs
  • Observe activities to see whether the children have opportunities to play and learn according to their levels of development
  • Evaluate the safety of the classroom area

The ERS is an assessment tool used nationally and has been tested to make sure that they also measure quality areas that affect children's later success. The ERS has been proven unbiased in a variety of studies in culturally diverse settings.

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