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Upcoming Classes

Rolling Classes

Camp Fire is now offering the ECMI modules as individual classes. You can start anytime!

Every Friday one of the six modules will be presented. Those who sign up can choose to attend the professional development courses a-la-carte or as a package. The courses, outlined below, will restart with module one every six weeks. See the full schedule.

Camp Fire Resource Center, 2700 Meacham Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76137

Traditional Course

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Early Childhood Management Institute

Providing the Tools for Success

Early Childhood Management Institute (ECMI):

  • Was developed and is administered by Camp Fire.
  • Is one of the ONLY copyrighted Child Care Administrator’ Credential program in the country.
  • Is state-certified and supports the learning and management objective of directors and owners.

Upon successful completion of the ECMI program you will receive your state-recognized child care administrator’s credential.

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All Training is NOT Created Equal
You have many options when considering an Administrator’s Credential training program. Not all are created equal. Be a savvy shopper and be sure you are getting the MOST out of your investment. 

Training Company Camp Fire ECMI Trainer A Trainer B Trainer C
Cost for class $550 $760 $400 $475
Hours received 50 60 40 40
Cost per hour $11 $12.66 $10 $11.86

In addition to an apples-to-apples cost comparison, it is crucial to evaluate quality. Ask yourself these basic questions of every program.

  • Do the trainers have a degree in Early Childhood Education or related field?
  • Do the trainers have experience working in a center or home child care facility?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have continuing education to support you in sustaining your credential?
  • Is the organization based in the state which they are instructing?
  • Is the instructor well-versed on the state licensing standards you will be held to?
  • Is the instructor involved in professional organizations that support the advancement of early childcare?

In summary, ECMI Training is:

  • Six Targeted modules
  • Offered in and around the DFW metroplex
  • Renewable every three years
  • Improves quality in the classroom and center
  • Sets you up for career advancement
  • Enhances business knowledge and marketing efforts

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